CAM Exam Online Review

CAM State Exam Online Review… FREE when you take our 18 Hour Course.

The CAM Online Review is included in the tuition for those who took the GSI 18 Hour Prelicensure Course.

This online “refresher” is for your use, FREE, for 90 days. Instructions on how to access your free Review are provided when you purchase our 18 Hour Prelicensure course.  If you have already made a purchase,  received your log in information, and are ready to access your course, click here.  If you would like to see a short tutorial on how to take the course, click here.


Not a GSI student… yet?  You can still prep for the state exam…

CAM State Exam Online Review – just $99 with a 100% Passing Rate!

Pass your exam!  How? Take this review, developed by the experts in the industry who have been doing it the longest and know the State Exam better than anyone!!

Gray Systems, Inc. provides this online review to help candidates for the Florida Community Association Manager license prepare for the state examination. This review is ideal for students who have taken a course but need a quick review before taking the exam. (Note: Students who have taken the GSI Prelicensure Course in either the classroom or correspondence course versions have this review included in their tuition.)

You’ve heard of practice tests and flash cards…. these, while somewhat helpful, can quickly become “dated” and more than likely do not reflect the latest changes and updates to Florida statutes and codes.  GSI makes sure the Online Review material is always current and contains the latest changes in the laws and rules.

Because Florida laws and statutes are revised regularly, this online review EXPIRES WHEN YOU PASS YOUR EXAM.   Please note that this Online Review does not satisfy the requirement for the 18 hour prelicensure course and a certificate of attendance will not be issued for those taking this Online Review. This certificate of attendance for the required 18 hour prelicensure courses is available only through our preicensure classroom or correspondence courses.

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