Current or null and void?

Did you know you can look up any licenses community association firm, community association manager, pre-licensure provider, or continuing education provider?  The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation allows anyone to see the status of a license held by community association professionals.

If you hold a current license your status will be listed as “current, active” and if your no longer licenses the status reads “null and void”.  The state also keeps up with anyone who is eligible to take an exam or if an application has been withdrawn.  Even the status of an inactive license holder is shown as “current, inactive”.

The DBPR provides online information about licensees including name, position (i.e., community association manager), address, license number and license status. You may search by a specific name or by city.

Click here to find out what the state has on Gray Systems, Inc.

Then check out your own status and make sure your information is up to date.

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