Are Goats Great Gardeners?

Believe it or not, the trend to let a few goats loose on association property is regaining some steam and growing again.  Goats aren’t picky, so they won’t distinguish between a petunia or a dandy lion, but if clearing a large area of brush or weeds is your goal, a herd of goats may be an alternative to painstaking weeding, mowing and brush removal.

For some giggles, search for videos on YouTube about goat gardeners.  Goats aren’t just for the Midwestern plains.  They’ve made their way to Florida and are a growing trend all over the U.S. and Canada.

Just imagine the noise reduction alone.  No loud, screaming mowers at seven in the morning or the buzzing of a weed whacker right outside your office window.  Goats, called “living lawnmowers” may be guilty or a belch or two or even a bit of bleating, the wavered call or cry of a goat.  A goat’s bleat is used to communicate with other goats, so think of it as a few gardeners having a chat while picking weeds. And there’s no need for a lunch break!

If you have community association property that needs an overhaul to clear unwanted brush or weeds, you can actually go online and find a service that will bring the goats to your property, just search on “Goats for hire in Florida” and you’ll find plenty of goat wranglers ready, willing and able to bring a herd to you.

Not convinced?  Click here 

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