Ask Fred-Seal the Deal!

Seal the Deal!

Question:  Two of the members of our association asked if our notary public may perform their marriage ceremony.  Our notary is fairly new and didn’t know the answer.  May a notary public in Florida perform a marriage ceremony?

Answer: Pursuant to Florida Statute section 117.045, the answer is yes!  Only two other states allow a notary public to “solemnize the rites of matrimony: South Carolina and Maine. That means that a Florida notary may perform the marriage ceremony, but since the notary’s license is valid in Florida, marriage ceremonies may only be performed in Florida by the notary.  Likewise, notary public’s licensed in other states, including South Caroline and Maine, may not perform marriage ceremonies in Florida.  If a couple obtains a marriage license in another state, a Florida notary public may  not marry that couple in Florida.

Thank you for asking, Fred Gray

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