The Law Spot-Florida Licensees May Take Examinations in Native Language

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February 2018 Edition


Florida Licensees May Take Examinations in Native Language


Since 1977, the Florida legislature has encouraged the use of foreign-speaking Florida residents to become actively qualified in their professions “so that all Florida citizens may receive better service.” The state of Florida is home to people who speak many languages other than English. It makes sense that Florida residents would benefit from having construction contractors fluent in those languages so that clients feel comfortable when communicating with the contractor.

Under Section 455.11 of the Florida Statutes, any person is qualified in a profession if they have successfully completed (or currently enrolled in) an approved course of study as a real estate sales associate or broker. For persons whose first language is not English, the required examination for licensure is still in English, but there’s a caveat to the rule. If 15 or more applicants request the exam be administered in that group’s native language, then they may be reexamined in that language. The applicants must pay for the cost of reexamination in a native language.


Click to read Statute 455.11

About Fred Gray

Fred Gray is the owner and President of Gray Systems, Inc and is a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida. Fred has been part of the Community Association Manager Continuing Education industry in Florida since 1988.
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