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CAM Newsletter
February 2018


So many possibilities exist for residential homeownership from single-dwelling homes to becoming a member of a community association or owner in a cooperative.  Types of housing includes high rise condos with breathtaking views to patio homes with a tiny yard.  Everyone selecting his or her spot on the planet has an equally large number of reasons for the choice he or she finally makes.

Here are a few reasons why choosing to live be a part of a homeowners’ association, condominium community or cooperative make living in Florida ideal –

  1. Low yard maintenance. Not everyone is interested or has time for mowing a yard or pulling weeds, so they let others take care of the gardening;
  2. Getting to know the neighbors. Since units are often joined by a common wall, residents in associations, condos and co-ops often get to know one another in a way not commonly found on a single-dwelling residential street.  The reason is in large part due to having a community association management team that plans events for everyone to participate in and get to know each other;
  3. Let’s face it, the amenities may likely be the reason highest on everyone’s list.  Amenities may include swimming pools, gyms, community rooms for entertaining, tennis courts,
    sand volleyball courts, plenty of parking, gorgeous palm trees and landscaping, secured properties, outdoor picnic areas and barbecues, walking trails, and the list goes on.
    There’s no need to drive to the activity when it’s right there on the property;
  4. A voice. If you’ve ever lived in a house on a street with 20 other houses just like yours then you know there’s always that one resident that plays music way too loud, or leaves the Christmas decorations on the house and lawn until Memorial Day, or never seems to mow the law.  Community living gives homeowners a voice to complain and decide what the rules must be followed, and remedies are built in so no one suffers (too long); and,
  5. Easy to find. Ever thought, “I’ll know it when I see it”?  Then found out that searching for your dream home feels like an endless battle that’s left you exhausted?  If you’re looking for a community then you won’t be worried about yard size, being away from the urban lifestyle or finding a place with a fence that lets neighbors know you’re not looking for friendship.  Homeowners’ associations, condominiums and cooperative are absolutely everywhere and in every type of setting so searching for that perfect place on the planet.  Finding the right community to live in is likely must less difficult.

As a community association manager, you come across potential homeowners daily.  You’re view of your community may be key to their successful buying experience.

About Fred Gray

Fred Gray is the owner and President of Gray Systems, Inc and is a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida. Fred has been part of the Community Association Manager Continuing Education industry in Florida since 1988.
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