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Gray Systems, Inc. has been the source for all information pertaining to community associations since 1988, when licensing first became a requirement. During the past 27 years, we have published numerous courses and manuals. We’ve educated thousands of Florida’s Community Association Managers and have earned the title as the profession’s leading provider of CAM materials and information.
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I would say the only thing I would recommend is for the Day 1 take home exam just open it up for discussion versus reading the questions and going through the answers. You can give the answers and if anyone got it incorrectly they can then open up for discussion as to why. Other than that, the class was very informative and Fred as always is always helpful and puts his funny jokes in there once in awhile.~2/20/2021

Pleasantly Surprised

I was pleasantly surprised with the Prelicensure Community Association Manager course. Mr. Gray was very informative, knowledgeable, and open to assist with any questions or concerns during the class. He would stop to answer questions and was diligent in making sure to give examples along with the answers.~3/7/2021

Great Experience

I appreciate the instructors patience and knowledge of the course itself. I enjoyed learning scenarios that we may encounter in the world. I actually love that we have one year to review over the course and take exam review classes.~3/6/2021

An Amazing Experience

A wonderful experience that was extremely educational. I have been in the industry for 15 years and I still learned alot. I encourage everyone to take this course with Gray Systems Inc.~2/21/2021

Excellent Start

It was a great way to get introduced to the world of Community Management. Very thorough~2/21/2021