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Gray Systems, Inc. has been the source for all information pertaining to community associations since 1988, when licensing first became a requirement. During the past 27 years, we have published numerous courses and manuals. We’ve educated thousands of Florida’s Community Association Managers and have earned the title as the profession’s leading provider of CAM materials and information.
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Very pleased with material and delivery

Rather than reading through some of the course material, highlight and discuss key message from the paragraph, section. This can prompt story or description of an experience that will anchor the knowledge….~CAM CLASS 1/23/2021

The Knowledge Gurus

Great staff!! Fred and Diana do a great job of presenting a lifetime of knowledge in a very condensed time.~ CAM CLASS 1/24/2021

A Helpful & Complete Course.

It is a really helpful and complete course, the instructor is very to open to any questions and make you feel comfortable~ CAM CLASS 1/10/21

First Time Learner, Long Time Supporter!

I was very pleased with the course. It is my first time learning about being a CAM and although there was a lot of information, I felt that the way it was explained was broken down enough for me to grasp an understanding and not feel completely lost.
The practice exams at the end allow you to go back and really see what you\’ve learned. I think its great that they allow you to come back and take the course as many times as you need.
Fred and Diana were so kind and took the time to answer any questions we may have had and would not skip ahead until we thoroughly had an understanding.
I will definitely be taking this course again! I also love how inviting they were for us to contact them beyond this course if we ever had questions.

Thank you again for everything! Gray Systems is the way to go!~ CAM CLASS 1/10/21

Amazing Course

This was an amazing course and very informative.

I would definitely refer a friend.~ CAM CLASS 1/10/21