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Gray Systems, Inc. has been the source for all information pertaining to community associations since 1988, when licensing first became a requirement. During the past 27 years, we have published numerous courses and manuals. We’ve educated thousands of Florida’s Community Association Managers and have earned the title as the profession’s leading provider of CAM materials and information.
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I’m a CAM NOW!

Hello Mr. Gray:

I just wanted to tell you that I was not fortunate to have used your company for my CAM Course but I did purchase your $99.00 Review/Exam package in October 2015. Just wanted to say that I took my exam this morning as an Administrative Assistant and walked out of the testing center as a Community Association Manager on my first try! Thank you so much!

Sharlene Cathy Gillespie

If Fred says so…

I have been a CAM since 1999 and always take CE from Gray Systems. Would not think of going elsewhere. Fred is very knowledgeable and if “Fred says it, it’s right”.
Judy B.

I passed the very first time. thanks.

The on-line courses, Community Association Operations, and Requirements for Conducting Meetings and Elections, did a great job of explaining the laws and I felt they would make a great resource to refer back to when questions come up at our board meetings. I took my initial CAM course with Gray Systems and passed my CAM test the first time. I feel the course material is written in a manner that makes the difficult legal language easier to understand even without any management experience, therefore enabling me to explain things better to board members. I highly recommend anything Gray Systems puts out there for us..they truly have our best interest at heart and want us to succeed.


Patrice B.

CAM I am… thank you!

I want to thank you for your class and help. I took your class, used your online review and practice exam and took the State test today. PASSED. Thank you again and keep doing what you do. Hope to see you again at the Continuing Ed Classes.
John P

I passed! Thank you!

Dear GSI,

Just wanted to send you a quick message letting you know I passed my CAM exam yesterday. Your class and the materials helped me immensely. It was a challenging exam, but I definitely felt prepared for it.

I look forward to seeing you again for continuing education courses.

Thanks for all your help,

Dan M.
Pensacola, FL 32507