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Gray Systems, Inc. has been the source for all information pertaining to community associations since 1988, when licensing first became a requirement. During the past 27 years, we have published numerous courses and manuals. We’ve educated thousands of Florida’s Community Association Managers and have earned the title as the profession’s leading provider of CAM materials and information.
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Excellent Instructor

Excellent instructor, apt course work and great tips!~10/23/21

A well rounded and immersive experience!

I really got a lot out of the amount of context that Fred provided especially pertaining to historic events and causes that led to legislative actions. The other specific stories going back to the 60s and 70s about specific developers, legislators and regulators well as early licensees.~10/9/2021

Great Course

Thank you for the great course! I feel more confident to take my test after your help and review.~10/10/2021

Loved this time Around!

This is actually my second time taking the course last time I took it with another company unfortunately I didn’t get to take the test due to health issues. So I passed the time permitted and had to retake the course, and I am glad I did!

I really enjoyed this class and how Mr. Gray gave some real life examples to be able to understand the information.

I also loved the fact that he had an assistant so if we missed something she could help us catch up.

Thank you !!

Highly recommend zoom prelicensure course

Seamless zoom experience – very easy to use and I enjoyed having the ability to ask questions in a group chat if needed. Mr Gray is extremely knowledgeable and professional.~9/26/2021