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January 2021 Newsletter-It’s Election Season!

First, we hope everyone is safe and secure in these trying times. As we have stated before, we will get through all of this and be stronger and more... Read More »

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December 2020 Newsletter-Seasons Greetings to you all

First, we at Gray Systems, Inc. want to wish the best to all of our clients and industry colleagues for the holidays. This has been a very unusual a... Read More »

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October/November 2020 Newsletter-Phase 3 for Reopening Florida

Phase Three for Reopening Florida was put into effect by Governor DeSantis. This is assumed by many to mean that the state of Florida is completely op... Read More »

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Ask Fred-What’s inside may be a part of common elements.

Question: I understand that areas in the condominium I manage are a part of the common elements, but are there any portions within each condominium th... Read More »

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Ask Fred-Seal the Deal!

Seal the Deal! Question:  Two of the members of our association asked if our notary public may perform their marriage ceremony.  Our notary is fa... Read More »

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Ask Fred-Due to an emergency

Question:  My association closed much of the association’s property after Hurricane Irma to repair damages caused by the hurricane.  The fallout b... Read More »

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Recording board rules and regulations

Is it true that Board adopted  Rules and Regulations have to be recorded  within local government. I thought I heard about this at a seminar. Plea... Read More »

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Ask Fred -Specialty licensing may be what you’re looking for!

Contractor Newsletter June 2018 Edition   Specialty licensing may be what you’re looking for!   Question:  I’ve come across... Read More »

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Ask Fred-It’s easy to forget the basics

CAM Newsletter June 2018 It’s easy to forget the basics, but this questions get right back to it. Question:  This may seem like a really... Read More »

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Ask Fred-Don’t believe everything you hear

Contractor Newsletter May 2018 Edition   Don’t believe everything you hear about when you may practice your profession while unlicensed. ... Read More »

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