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Ask Fred-Seal the Deal!

Seal the Deal! Question:  Two of the members of our association asked if our notary public may perform their marriage ceremony.  Our notary is fa... Read More »

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The Law Spot-Online Notary Services

Online Notary Services House Bill 409 makes several changes to the laws governing notary services, which took place on January 1, 2020.  The changes... Read More »

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Are Drones Roaming Overhead?

Are Drones Roaming Overhead? If you’re hoping that you and your members and owners can keep drones from flying overhead, you’ll be disappointed i... Read More »

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Ask Fred-Due to an emergency

Question:  My association closed much of the association’s property after Hurricane Irma to repair damages caused by the hurricane.  The fallout b... Read More »

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Don’t Vape on Me

Don’t Vape on Me Vaping isn’t a new phenomenon any longer, but the number of persons now using vapes, or more accurately, “nicotine dispendin... Read More »

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The Law Spot-Existing High-rise condominium buildings

The Law Spot Section 718.112(2)(L) of the Florida Statues was changed in the 2019 legislative session by HB 7103.  The time required for retrofitt... Read More »

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Recording board rules and regulations

Is it true that Board adopted  Rules and Regulations have to be recorded  within local government. I thought I heard about this at a seminar. Plea... Read More »

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Community Association Manager for a large Condo complex on Pensacola Beach

Areas: Panhandle Community Association Manager for a large condominium complex on Pensacola Beach. Will work with the Director of Associations to o... Read More »

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Ask Fred-It’s easy to forget the basics

CAM Newsletter June 2018 It’s easy to forget the basics, but this questions get right back to it. Question:  This may seem like a really... Read More »

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CAM Newsletter May-Happy sales

CAM Newsletter May 2018   Happy Sales Does your community allow for garage or yard sales?  If the answer is yes, then it’s time to get pla... Read More »

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