Prelicensure Correspondence Course


Florida Cam License Book

Effective March 14, 2021

In-person classroom hours of instruction means that required hours must be in person or from interactive, real-time courses. An interactive, real-time course may be a web-based, satellite-transmitted, telephone or video conference, or online instruction program that allows or requires the applicant to interact in real-time, including live chat, with the instructor during the presentation of the program or in a question and answer session upon completion of the program.


Florida CAM State Exam
Online Review


Our online review course is just $99 (FREE to those who have taken a GSI Prelicensure course) and allows you to use the Review for 90 days.   Please note that this Online Review does not satisfy the requirement for the 16 hour prelicensure course and a certificate of attendance will not be issued for those taking this Online Review. This certificate of attendance for the required 16 hour prelicensure courses is available only through our prelicensure classroom via Zoom.
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