CAM Newsletter-DBPR has a new look online

DBPR has a new look online

Check out the new look of the Department of Professional Regulation’s website.  It’s easier than ever to find what you need.
Click to visit the home page for the DBPR

As a community association manager, you’re needs are different from those of other licensed professionals in the state of Florida.  The DBPR has made finding regulatory information for community association managers easy.  From the home page, click the tab “Business and Professions” from the top right of the screen, then scroll through the lists of different licenses professions until you find “Community Association Managers & Firms”
Click to go directly to Businesses and Professions page.

Once you’re on the Community Association Managers & Firms page you may choose from multiple links on the righthand side of the page for hot topics, complaints, fingerprinting, criminal self-reporting and more.
Click for the Community Association Managers & Firms page.

From the Business and Professions page you also have the option of clicking on the Condominiums & Cooperatives page.
Click for the Condominiums & Cooperatives page.

All the information you need about maintaining your license is readily available through the DBPR’s website, so check it out!

The Law Spot

Applicants for licensing as a community association manager may use any Florida Department of Law Enforcement approved Livescan vendor to submit fingerprints to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

You’re responsible for making sure that the Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number is provided to the vendor when you submit your fingerprints.  If you fail to provide the ORI number or provide it incorrectly, the DBPR won’t receive your fingerprints.

You’re also responsible for choosing your own vender and making sure your fingerprints get submitted to the DBPR.  You’ll need to submit a full set of fingerprints, and you may do it in two ways. According the DBPR, the fastest and preferred method is to submit your fingerprints electronically.   A Livescan vender will submit your fingerprints directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and you’ll submit a copy of your receipt along with your application for licensure to the DBPR.

The second method for submitting your fingerprints to the DBPR is to request a fingerprint card for the department by calling 805/487-1395.  You may get your fingerprints taken at a law enforcement office and then mail them to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Florida Fingerprinting Program, Prints, Inc., 119 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee, Florida 32301, along with the fingerprint fee.

Click for the DBPR’s Frequently Asked Questions about fingerprinting.

Orlando CAM Continuing Education
Ask Fred

As a community association manager, you’re expected to be a law-abiding citizen.

Question:  I recently pleaded guilting to a misdemeanor.  I know crimes must get reported to the licensing board, but is that just for felonies or are misdemeanors included?  Could you point me in the right direction on how to report my conviction to the department, if I am required to report?

Answer:  You are required to report all crimes, whether felony or misdemeanor. Under section 455.227(1)(t), Florida Statutes, anyone holding a license issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation who has been convicted, found guilty or who entered a plea of nolo contendere to a crime, must report that information to the department within 30 days of the conviction, guilty plea or nolo contendere.  The jurisdiction is not limited to crimes committed in Florida, but crimes committed anywhere.  Failure to report is grounds for disciplinary action by the department, including fines, suspension or revocation of the license. The requirement does not distinguish between felonies or misdemeanors, so all crimes must be reported.  The department has made reporting very simple.  Click on the link below for the self-reporting form, which includes where to mail the completed form.

Thanks for asking, Fred Gray

Click to access the DBPR’s criminal self-reporting form.



About Fred Gray

Fred Gray is the owner and President of Gray Systems, Inc and is a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida. Fred has been part of the Community Association Manager Continuing Education industry in Florida since 1988.
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