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Gray Systems, Inc. has been the source for all information pertaining to community associations since 1988, when licensing first became a requirement. During the past 27 years, we have published numerous courses and manuals. We’ve educated thousands of Florida’s Community Association Managers and have earned the title as the profession’s leading provider of CAM materials and information.
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Chips Experience!

I have taken the CAM test twice before taking your class, both times before I felt like I was “well prepared” based on my knowledge of the proceeding classes & information I was given, only to find I was not. After taking your class, I now have the confidence that I am fully prepared for the CAM test! I know I will have no problems passing it the next time!~CAM 5/21/22

Special Thanks

What a great course! I’m glad for all the extra material and helping hands gray system offers during the CAM process!
What more could I ask for!

My faith in passing is at 1000%

~CAM Prelicensure Course 4/10/2022

Online Review

The online review system is fantastic!~ CAM Prelicensure 03/20/2022

Will be back!

Highly recommend this course through Gray Systems. Mr. Gray is very knowledgeable of all subjects.~ CAM Prelicensure 03/20/2022

Humorous and personal

I appreciate Fred’s humor and personal antidotes included during the lecture!~1/22/2022